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New Day Academy

Laurel Oaks Behavioral Health Center is proud to have New Day Academy as its year-round, accredited grade school on our facility grounds for residents ages 10 to 18. Patients attend classes six hours per day and receive academic credit that is transferable upon discharge. Educational services include standard academic instruction, vocational readiness, physical education and recreation art, and music instruction.

New Day Academy’s trained staff personalizes each student’s educational instruction. Current educational goals, in conjunction with age-appropriate social development, life skills, and career/vocational interests are discussed with each student. Special education services are provided for eligible students. The school helps facilitate re-entry back into a student’s home school or other placement setting.

New Day Academy meets the requirements for grade promotion and secondary school graduation. This educational program is also individualized to meet the needs of each student while accommodating necessary Individual Education Plans (IEP) and GED requirements.

New Day Academy utilizes many community outreach programs and services from area agencies for classes and training to benefit the students. GED, online college courses, work-force essentials, nutrition and relationship classes are provided.

For residents’ recreational interests and physical fitness, a tennis court, large outdoor swimming pool, gymnasium, game room, and playground are available. Enrichment activities are offered during the summer months.

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